4 Sites Offering Great Things

Hey Everyone, it’s been a while but I have a few things I’d like to share with you. I’m frugal. I am always searching for deals and I love free offers! Hey I have a family of seven so it’s always a help to save, save, save! So here’s some of the things I’ve found that helps me to save, and a few sites offering free great things.

Goodwill Auctions! – Yes Goodwill has auctions! Can you believe it? There are some great deals on there too!  There are so many things on this site it’s amazing! So get your product wish list and check and see if anything is on there.One item that has been on my wish list for years was the iRobot Vacuum cleaner, Roomba. Guess what? Roombas can be found on Goodwill auctions too! As always, when buying online check the shipping costs first before you make your bid and include that in the total cost. If you bid .99 cents on a set of kitchen towels and the shipping is $19.99, you’ve paid $20.98 for that thrifty set of kitchen towel! Doh! Shipping shouldn’t be that extreme but I’ve seen it happen with auction sites. That actually happened to me in my early 2001 ebay days. Goodwill Auctions will not accept returns so buyer beware! Read, read,  read,  and research the item before you bid!I will search the item at various sites to see what it costs new and how outdated the item on auction is. You can set your highest bid price and let it go. You’ll get a notification if you are outbid, or if you have won. There are various Goodwill stores around the nation that list things for auction so each store has it’s own guidelines and shipping will vary. Sometimes you can request to pick up an item. You can search items at a specific store and set up a personal shopper that will send you emails on new listings on the items you are looking for. So far I’ve gotten a nice Sound Bar wit sub-woofer, 3 Roombas, a Video Recording Drone, PlayStation, Hooked on French for the little ones (that one was incomplete), a Ninja Blender, and a Polaroid Cube. So it you see t********6,  lol that’s probably me!

 145293-1e0b34362c59e6aca80007cc8c76bd8e-medium_jpgHoney  Not local delicious honey made by wonderful bees, but this is a Chrome add on. It helps you save money while you shop online. If you are like me, you like any additional discount off of an item you can get. Honey helps you get and apply those coupon codes easy!  No more searching online for a coupon code! Well I still search valid sites like RetailMeNot, but we no longer have to search the web and follow links that lead to outdated coupon codes. Yay!! Try it, it’s free! When you do sign up share your referral link like I did! Btw the Honey link is a referral link if you didn’t catch what I did there. 😉

tymtrlogoTeach Your Monster to Read  I am so excited to share this! They announced this on their facebook page: We’ve made our new app free until the end of September! The tablet app has all 3 games and is free on iPad, free on the Amazon Appstore and only 59p on the Google Play store. Share this now, to help us spread the news.  I happened to see from a friend that shared the link via facebook. It looked great and love the vivid colors for little kids. My little one enjoys this. I’ll do more of a review on this app at a different time but until then download it for free here and let them know how you like it!
AppStore (iPad)
Google Play Store  (Android)
Amazon App Store  (Kindle)
Oh and the computer version is also free: teachyourmonstertoread.com

home-16personalitiesFree Personalities Tests – This is nothing new but it always interests me to find out more about people, my family especially. So last week we had an assignment to research each other’s personality profile. What’s a Personality Profile? Well it’s a way to discover more about yourself and possibly feel understood. The personality tests asks you questions about yourself. It’s not based off of looks or trends, instead it goes deeper into your preferences in life, how you think, live, and react to others. The test then reveals your results in a 4 letter personality type code that explains you. Carl Jung the author of Psychological Types in 1921 placed people into different types of psychological functions.  Later,  Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers added to his theory and developed their own 16 psychological personality types showcasing 16 personalities. I think you might be surprised how accurate the test is. The key is to be brutally honest with yourself and try not to answer I don’t know, or neutral to get a better result. The test at 16 personalities.com will tell you more about the personality type you have in an Introduction. It will also reveal more information about
Strengths & Weaknesses
Romantic Relationships
Career Paths
Workplace Habits
There are some offers to buy more information. I haven’t yet and this isn’t an a referral link. There are so many free sources to learn about your specific personality type. In fact  After you get your result, search for your personality profile on Pinterest! If you are married you can take the test for your spouse and compare what you both got. I did this for my husband mainly because we both didn’t agree on his results. He’s an ISTJ and I’m INFJ. Mine was so spot on that my husband said I was the INFJ of All INFJs lol! Of course we are all created different and no test can pin it all down, but the similarities and being understood is priceless (My Personality profile makes up 3% of the population, I appreciated being understood!).  Just try it and see. Take your test and let me know what you get. It’s also a lot of fun to see the different profiles in your family. Who knows, maybe you’ll finally get an understand of someone close to you or a coworker!
Here are a few links to free personality tests.
16 Personalities –
www.personalitypage.com This page also has one for children! Found Here: https://www.personalitypage.com/html/pqk_indicate.html

That’s all I have for now. I hope you are enjoying life! Many Blessings to you!

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Grow Your Own Luffa

grow your own luffaNo really you can. It’s not a joke! It’s not a sea sponge, it a gourd. Gourds are actually fruits by definition.  I was looking around in Target at the clearance items in the seasonal Lawn and Garden section and happen to find the seeds. I got a little curious so a purchased some seeds and looked up how to grow it. Now honestly I do not have a green thumb to grow things properly at all! So I’m starting out with very little faith in it actually growing due to my own undeveloped skills in gardening, but it doesn’t stop me from trying.

Why add Luffa gourds to your garden? A Luffa is edible. It’s similar to zucchini. It is said to be sweet and great to include in salads. It can be stir fried, baked, roasted and sauteed.

Picture Credit: Luffa.info (http://www.luffa.info)

Mature luffa gourds can grow up to 2 feet long. If left on the vine until the skin begins to shrivel, it dries up and can be harvested as a sponge. Luffa gourds love full sun so it will not tolerate a frost. It takes about 120 days or 3-4 months to mature.

Picture Credit Luffa.info (http://www.luffa.info)

Well according to Mother Earth News,  luffa gourds are quite versatile “Besides being handy bath accessories, they’re great as pot scrubbers, particularly for no-stick pans. During World War II, the durable fiber was used in surgical operations, as filter material in the Navy’s steam and diesel engines, and—because of its insulating properties—in Army helmet linings. Luffa gourds have also been processed into potholders, doormats, gloves, sandals, and stuffing for mattresses and saddles.”

Even if it doesn’t produce a the luffa gourds it will grow these beautiful yellow flowers which can be up to five inches in diameter!

Picture Credit: Luffa.info (http://www.luffa.info)

Well there you have it. A luffa or Loofa is a gourd.

Have you planted Luffa before? Did you know you could grow your own?

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I Accept Me.

"When I accept myself, I am freed from the burden of needing you to accept me." - Steve Maraboli

“Not everyone is going to like you.”

Gasp! What!? I thought my mother was so cruel for speaking those words to me. Those words hurt me. It felt like rejection. I felt like I was blemished, damaged and no one would accept me.  Why wouldn’t everyone like me?? My 12 year old self could not fathom why! At that time I had no idea how true those words were.  They were true! Very true! It hurt to hear that at that point in time because of the stage in life I was in, but they did no harm to me. Instead it made me think and ask, “…But why??? What’s wrong with me?” I was a needy Jr. High kid when that bit of reality intruded in on my goal of being a “very lovable, people pleasing, everyone has to like me kind of girl.” I just could not comprehend why anyone would not like me. I tried to be nice, quiet, and smile at everyone. When that didn’t shoot my popularity up, I tried to fit in…

That definitely did not work. I ended up being bullied and found out that I could never fit in. Guess what… still don’t and that is perfectly ok! Thinking back to that time and knowing who I am today kind of makes me laugh at myself past self a little. I was a bit silly. At that time I was searching for acceptance and wanted to be liked so badly. Oh goodness, if another hormonal Jr. High teen girl was mad at me, my world was shattered and over! I cried and worried. I was afraid that I would be rejected and eventually my fears came true when I faced bullying in the 8th grade. That was the price I paid for wanting to be a part of something. I wanted to be in with the cool kids the only thing was I wasn’t their kind of cool. I was my own kind of cool that I didn’t want to see or accept. No one was like me. Nerdy, I didn’t know the all of latest fads in clothes or slang, and I was quiet awkward. Very awkward. Yeah and that’s pretty much me today.

I did not realize that my need for acceptance was self inflicted stress and anxiety until

I asked myself what does another person’s approval do for my life?

What a heavy burden to seek acceptance from others! What if we don’t get that approval? What if we do? We cannot and should not try to please everyone. That has never been our assignment in life. Really, that is way too much to put on ourselves and require of others. All is still well if another person doesn’t like you. For me, as long as I have not offended you, I’m at ease because everyone has their preferences. I know everyone will not identify with my life, my choices, and my personality. If I didn’t like everyone, then why on earth would I assume I am entitled for everyone like me? Hmmm… It took years to understand that and give that grace and freedom to myself and others. Everyone didn’t like Christ, and goodness He healed people, spoke about love (John 15:17-18). He was the Son of God and was still crucified!

There are freedoms in accepting ourselves!

We no longer have the burden to try to keep up with others and become copies of other people. *Whew* let that all go. Oh boy, let me tell you, letting go of the need of acceptance takes time, but when you realize you are enough, it’s freeing! When I understood that God makes everyone different, I began to know that included me and I should never aim to be a copy of someone else (1 Peter 4:10). You shouldn’t aim for that either. You are enough!

We realize the true value of being accepted by others. It’s not worth a lot. It can’t solve your problems, it can’t pay your bills, however it can give you a false sense of ego. What does being acceptance mean anyway? Sure we want to be loved by our friends and family but love is different! Seeking God’s acceptance by salvation given by grace will far out weigh the favor of man (Galatians 1:10). We shouldn’t fear those who cannot kill the soul (Matthew 10:28). We are all fragile humans. Yes some have trail blazed, became famous, made billions but still they are mere humans not able to the universe. Some of us can’t even control ourselves! Look above for favor!

We have nothing to lose in giving up the need for acceptance. With carrying the desire for acceptance there is always a price to pay for it.  What are you willing to pay in order to achieve acceptance from others? Reputation? Trust? Health? Morals? How far do you go in the quest from acceptance?

We will have more time to truly better ourselves. Seeking and worrying about acceptance takes up time and it’s draining! Focusing on other things that will encourage your dreams and enjoyment will be more fulfilling than seeking to please others for their acceptance. Seek more time to develop into the beautiful person you are and will become with confidence. It’s about you, not them. Become an authentic you. If what you are doing doesn’t feel right, then it’s not right. Be authentic to your whole being, giving attention to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. People can tell when others are doing things only for attention. It is a huge turn off. If you like yourself, you have all the attention you need. 😉 Find out about yourself. God had made a wonderful person in you. He doesn’t make mistakes! What do you like? What makes you happy? What makes you excited? What gives you inspiration? What can you do to grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and socially? Focus on a better you and you will find people are more at ease with that. It’s not the acceptance really, it’s living in peace with others.

Accept yourself. Accept yo self! You are just as important as anyone else. Know that! Don’t fall into doing things because you think it will get you more friends, likes, retweets, and popularity.

If I had known what I know now, I would have saved myself a lot of heartache. Maybe so, but I thank God I’ve matured.

If you had a chance to tell your former self something, what would it be? If I had a chance to tell my former self something, it would be,

“It’s ok to like different things. It’s actually better not to fit in.
Things will be ok. You are enough. Oh and your husband isn’t going to be anyone around you, in fact he’s going to be from England and you will have 5 kids.”
*excited girly squeal with past and future self*


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